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why we've abandoned the drive thru window

towards the end of the year last year i had this genius, well maybe more of a light bulb moment. and its not even really a light bulb more. more of a wham to the face when i started playing around with our new budgeting feature on our banking app. we were spending on average $300-$400 a month on eating out. yes! you read that right. and to be honest, it wasn't going to one of those black tie kind of places either. it includes every kind of dining establishment that can swipe that card. eesh. i about lost my mind.  that's two car payments y'all if you're playing it right.  like what the what?!


december 31 snuck up on me. hardcore. like i was preparing myself for the end of year, but somehow, well i say somehow, but it snuck up on me, yet again. it always done. i think its because i find myself in a christmas hangover for quite a few days after all the festivities have basically ended. does anyone else experience that christmas (holiday) hangover feeling?  it can be pretty gnarly. like i can easily stay inside like a social recluse & not feel the least bit bad about it. and then bam!, new year!

homemade poopourri spray

i'm one of those types of people who loves my home to smell good. whether its spic-n-span clean (yeah right!) or a complete tornado, i like it to smell good. and i've been on the hunt for something that smells good. all the time. and i've been through the gammit of home smelling products. plug ins off the grocery store aisle, candles, scentsy, room sprays, the list goes on. and then the essential oil realm really started happening on both my facebook & pinterest feeds.